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How To Join



Membership in the Hub City Triathlon Club is $15 for adults.


Youth membership is $5 for ages 8 to 19.


The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st.


NOTE: If a member joins after October 1st of a year, he is considered paid up for the following year.


Please note that we require all members to have Triathlon BC membership for the same year as club membership. Triathlon BC dues are $35 for adults in a club and $10 for youth.


To become a member you can;

- Join online . We ask that if you take out club membership online that you also take out Triathlon BC membership as soon as possible. We will verify with Tri BC that you have. You will not be considered an active member of the club until you have Tri BC membership. You can obtain Tri BC membership online at http://www.tribc.org/

- Download a HCTC membership form . Please hand in the completed membership form with $15 club dues attached plus a completed Triathlon BC membership form with their $35 dues attached to Frontrunners or hand to one of the Directors. Download a Triathlon BC membership form . We will mail in your Triathlon BC membership form.

All Triathlon BC membership cards for club members will be mailed to the club for distribution.

You get a $10 discount on you Triathlon BC membership dues by being a member of Hub City Triathlon Club. If joining online, simply choose the Adult in Club option and select Hub City Triathlon Club as your club. Triathlon BC gives us access to a list of all people who have signed up for membership under Hub City Triathlon Club. You will not be considered a member of the club until you have.

If you wish to join the club and already have Triathlon BC membership for the current year, then you do not have to take out Triathlon BC membership again. Just put your Tri BC number on the HCTC membership form. If you join the club online, we will ask you to give us your Tri BC number. We will verify with Triathlon BC that you are a current member.

Members will receive regular notices of new clinics of interest, rides, races, deals on gear, socials, etc.


  • Ross Palfery - President
  • Byron Trajan - Youth Coach
  • Brenda Nelson - Treasurer and Membership
  • Sarah Davidson - Secretary
  • Matthew Lamb - RaceDirector
  • Steven Sharpe - Coach